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Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour -  Montpellier SupAgro

Contact :
Campus Montpellier SupAgro INRA
2 Place Pierre Viala - Bat 26
34 060 Montpellier Cedex 2 - FRANCE
Tél: +33(0)4 99 61 27 19

Professor of Marketing, Montpellier SupAgro (International Center for Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences ). Teaching responsibilities include: Marketing research, Marketing strategy, Consumer Behavior, Food Consumption and Food Marketing at MSc and PhD level.

Head of research team Regaal, within UMR MOISA.

Research Interest and Activities

Research topics dealing with determinants of food choice and food-related consumer behaviour, and more precisely sustainable consumption and sustainable marketing: The consumers’ ethical concerns and related consumer behaviour: Organic and Fair Trade products consumption, preference for local products, sustainable practices, food waste.

Membership and activities

- President of CNECA social science section (National Commission Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences)

- Member of AFM: French Marketing Assosiation

- Member of Fairness: International researchers network on Fair Trade

- Member of Alimentations du monde Unesco Chair

- Member of the committee Charter of voluntary commitments to nutritional progress PNNS (French national Program for Nutrition and Health)

- Member Advisory Committee for Recherche et applications Marketing

- Member Advisory Committee for Décisions Marketing

- Co-organiser with Prof Ph Aurier of the annual conference “Journée marketing agro-alimentaire de Montpellier” since 2005


  • Montpellier SupAgro, Département SESG.
  • Unité Mixte de Recherche 1110 MOISA - Marchés, Organisations, Institutions et Stratégies d'Acteurs.
  • Équipe Moisa REGAAL : Recherches sur les Gouvernances : consommateurs, entreprises, et filières Agro-Alimentaires et ruraLes.

Selected Publications since 2011

Academic Papers (other than French journals)

  • Bingen J., J. Sage, L. Sirieix, (2011), Consumer coping strategies: a study of consumers committed to eating local, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 35,4, 410-419
  • Sirieix L., P. Kledal, T. Sultan, (2011), Organic food  consumers’ trade-offs between local or imported, conventional or organic products: a qualitative study  in the Chinese Metropolis of Shanghai, International Journal of Consumer Studies, , 35, 5, 670-678
  • Dekhili S., Sirieix L., Cohen E., (2011), How consumers choose olive oil: The importance of origin cues, Food Quality and Preference, 22,8, 757-762
  • Sirieix L., H. Remaud, L. Lockshin, L. Thach, T. Lease, (2011), The determinants of restaurant's owners / managers selection of wines to be offered on the wine list, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 18, 500-508
  • Sirieix L., M. Delanchy, L. Zepeda, H. Remaud, P. Gurviez, (2013) “Consumers’ perceptions of individual and combined sustainable food labels: A UK pilot investigation”, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37 143–151
  • Gurviez P., L. Sirieix, 2013, Resistance to a social innovation : An analytic framework for problems of Fair Trade diffusion, Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition) September 2013 28, 25-45
  • Hamzaoui-Essoussi L., L. Sirieix, M. Zahaf, (2013) Trust Orientations in the Organic Food Distribution Channels: A Comparative Study of the Canadian and French Market, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 20, 292–301
  • Zepeda L., L. Sirieix, A. Pizarro, F. Coderre, F. Rodier * (2013), A conceptual framework for analyzing consumers' food label preferences: An exploratory study of sustainability labels in France, Quebec, Spain and the US, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37, 605-616
  • Costa S., L. Zepeda, L. Sirieix * (2014), Exploring the social value of organic food, a qualitative study in France, International Journal of Consumer Studies,38, 228-237

Book / Book chapter

  • Aurier P., L. Sirieix, 2009, 2nd edition, Le marketing des produits agroalimentaires, Dunod, Paris (1st edition: 2004)
  • Sirieix L., V. Persillet, A. Alessandrin, 2006, Consumers and organic food in France : A means-end chain study, in Sociological Perspectives of Organic Agriculture, eds. G.C.Holt and M.J.Reed, 70-87, CABI: Wallingford, UK

Date de mise à jour : 23 décembre 2014

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